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Updated Apr 2018



Koolmax N.F. Abrasive Belt Lubricant


Cuts costs and extends belt life by up to 200%* and improves finish.


Suitable for use with non-ferrous metals including stainless steel and is simply sprayed intermittently onto the moving belt or disc.


Available in aerosols for easy application, or liquid for use in handsprays or automatic misting applicatiors.


Approved by major belt manufacturers.


*with non-ferrous metals. The improvement is less with ferrous metals, but sill significant.


Technical Data


Highly effective and easy to use


Improves performance of coated abrasive belts and discs in grinding, finishing and polishing operations on ALL METALS. It is a clear, clean lubricant, available in aerosols for easy application, or as a liquid for use in handsprays, or automatic misting applicators.


Very economical in use: you simply spray it onto the moving belt intermittently. It is also effective on coated abrasive discs: to maximise results spray the lubricant on the metal surface.


Can also be used in normal machining operations, particularly where only hand application is possible.


Approved by leading belt manufacturers such as 3M and NORTON and machine makers such as GRINDINGMASTER.


Typical Physical Properties


Apperance: light amber liquid

Odour: mild

Specific Gravity: 0.885

Flash Point: 140C

Viscosity at 40C: 11 cst




From stock in: 500 ml aerosols (in boxes of 12)

25 litre plastic drums


Koolmax N.F. Abrasive Belt Lubricant