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Updated Apr 2018



About Us


A family company formed in 1956, Metal Working Lubricants Ltd started as the first agent for the D. A. Stewart oil company of Chicago in the UK.


The business involved the importing of base oils which were then blended into the various cutting and grinding oils, in both soluble and straight oil form for use in the metal machining industry.


When Stewarts came to the UK, MWL began blending its' own oils and has gained a reputation for quality and un-rivalled service.


Recently, the business has specialised in abrasive grinding lubricants which were marketed under the trade names Grindall, Kutall and most famously Koolmax.


Koolmax is used extensively in the non ferrous casting and fabrication industries and has also found a use in wood working as a sanding belt preservative! For more information, have a look at the Koolmax page.